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Human growth hormone

Human growth hormone, also known as youth. Human auxin is rich in protein, lecithin , brain phospholipids, amino acids, vitamins, trace elements, etc., the composition of these components, regardless of composition or content ratio, are natural Tiancheng, with scientific and reasonable, easily absorbed by human cells and Use, so it is easier to activate and repair aging cells, maintaining the normal metabolism of cells, tissues, organs, and systems. development processedit 1: scientists early 1920 to know the existence of human growth hormone, but until 1958 was used for clinical treatment. Until 1986, the United States Eli large pharmaceutical through the same genetic engineering method, successfully produced 191 amino acid HGH. 2: In 1985, based on HGH's many years of research and extensive clinical trials, Dr. Rodman of the Wisconsin Medical School in the United States, for the first time, formally presented a new theory of the causes of human aging in the American Anti Aging Association. 3: July 5, 1990 Daniel Rudman, MD, of the Wisconsin Medical School in the United States, published his paper on the New England Journal of Medicine, an article that shocked the medical community. This application can be said to be a milestone in the history of HGH applied to anti - aging research medicine. 4: In 1996, Dr. Edmund King spent more than 800 patients, including movie stars, senior executives, and even many famous doctors, experts and academics, who had experienced the excellent results of HGH in their own hands. Amazing effect. August 1996 The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) formally approved HGH for clinical use in the treatment of all patients who lack HGH, including normal adults. Scientific discovery of human growth hormone HGH reduction will appear in the body's aging. Reasonable supplementation of human growth hormone (HGH), can make the body's aging phenomenon reversed. principleedit Human growth hormone is produced by the liver -like insulin -like growth factor type 1 (IGF-1), can promote the absorption of muscle cells on amino acids, promote cell DNA and RNA synthesis, promote extracellular protein absorption, and can increase sugar Class and storage of nitrogen. The result of these actions is to promote the growth of muscle cells, as well as increase the size of the cells, thus increasing the muscle strength and movement of the ability and performance. Dr. Rudman Clinical Experiments 12 seniors, after six months of use, lean meat increased by 8.8%. (Due to HGH this role, in the past has been used by athletes and fitness to enhance their muscles and their overall performance, unlike the use of assimilated steroids, it is in the movement of the organization's drug inspection, can not be found, so HGH human growth Hormones have always enjoyed high value in sports.) HGH can lose weight, the reason for fat loss - " Liposuction". effectedit Human growth hormone can promote the body and skin cell differentiation, proliferation, activation of dormant sleeping cells, accelerate the speed of new cells to replace the aging of cells, to reverse aging, delayed menopause and the transformation of the skin, pigmentation, mental fatigue, low immunity efficacy ; And can fully solve the sub-health status, enhance the body's immune system, completely remove the pathology and the root causes of various problems, reversing the body aging trend, postpone the menopause, make your healthy youth more long. Efficacyedit Through the human growth hormone anti-aging service course, you will be in: 1 week to improve sleep, add strength, reduce physical fatigue. The third week of the week with shiny, rosy, hair loss, vision ( presbyopia ) improved, increased appetite, abdominal fat reduction, women dry feeling reduced, increased sexual desire; male energetic, physical strength, increased sexual desire. 2 months of brain memory increased significantly, increased immunity, skin spots pale, deep facial wrinkles shallow, small wrinkles disappear. Liver disease, stomach disease improved, high blood pressure, dizziness were significantly improved. Pain, rheumatism, lumbar muscle strain and other old diseases become better. Blood lipids, blood sugar returned to normal, increased bone density , body function to be improved in all directions. The third month to further enhance the above effect, to improve the speed slower or to achieve a gentle, deep-level repair process is still ongoing. Organ function continues to improve. Digestive capacity, liver disease, stomach disease to be more thorough improvement. Paralyzed can restore part of the muscle strength, fatty liver disappeared. Female menopause can be restored. The first 4 months of skin texture improved significantly, shiny, moist, delicate, flexible, stain disappeared. Wrinkles further subsided. Bust increased, abdominal circumference decreased, reshaping Feng Yun body. Blood pressure, blood lipids, blood sugar continued to maintain normal. Vision improved significantly, regenerative black hair, pain disappeared, there is a better sports endurance, the spirit is in an optimistic state. Completely improve the human body environment , to give the body a new vitality. 5-6 months to restore the body cells to 25-year-old state, time back, youth reproduction. Combined with the appropriate diet, exercise, improve faster and more thoroughly. Note: Because of the use of each treatment is different, so the improvement of the time varies, the use of the overall trend of the use of treatment.

Hgh pills for sale effectedit First, adjust the endocrine system to restore close to the level of adolescence, balance emotional fluctuations, so that breast re-development, increased on the increase, increase flexibility and delay menopause. Second, can activate and maintain the normal work of the immune system to improve immunity and disease resistance, so that the body to reduce the disease. Third, the activation of cells active electrons, oscillating molecules, so that the split of the underlying skin cells to grow again, the active electron adsorption of water molecules to increase the water content of the skin, so that the face deep wrinkles lighter, bright color, white, delicate and flexible, Restore youthful skin texture. Four, to promote muscle growth, to prevent muscle atrophy, which consumes body fat, especially prominent is the consumption of the body's central fat (intestinal, liver, abdominal fat and abdomen, waist subcutaneous fat), so that muscle and fat arrangement back to Youthful state. Five, is the most effective recovery of the function of the material to support the normal gland function, improve sexual desire endocrine index, so that microvascular opening. Six, bald , white hair changes, through the pituitary secretion of chemical information, so that the hair follicle cell resurrection, fully increase the nutrients, so that the enzyme increased (white hair causes = enzyme reduction), direct stimulation of dying hair follicles to resume growth. Seven, regulate the body's central nervous system, promote brain cell metabolism, enhance memory, improve sleep and ease insomnia, mental stress, anxiety. On Alzheimer's disease and senile dementia with adjuvant therapy. Eight, to promote the heart, liver, kidney, islets and other organs and cells of the regeneration, recovery of liver, kidney, islet function vitality, hepatitis B virus carriers; size Sanyang; alanine aminotransferase high; high blood sugar; , kidney disease , diabetes has secondary effects. Nine, can promote wound healing, rebirth of burned skin, reduce local edema and scar formation. 10, to promote bone cells to calcium absorption and storage, prevention and treatment of osteoporosis. 11, can enhance physical strength, people energetic, long hours without fatigue. Twelve, can improve people's temper, people full of confidence, high spirits, so that people glow with the young spirit of the face. Use tabooedit 1, bones closed children disabled 2, patients with symptoms of tumor progression disabled 3, severe systemic infection and other critically ill patients in the body during the acute shock Precautionsedit 1, to the doctor under the guidance of a clear diagnosis of the patient. 2, diabetic patients may need to adjust the dose of antidiabetic drugs. 3, the brain tumor caused by the lack of growth hormone in patients or patients with a history of intracranial injury, patients must closely monitor the progress of its potential disease or the possibility of recurrence. 4, while the use of corticosteroids will inhibit the growth hormone growth, so patients suffering from ACTH deficiency should be appropriate to adjust the amount of corticosteroids in order to avoid its inhibitory effect on growth hormone. 5, suffering from endocrine disorders (including growth hormone deficiency ) of the patients may be prone to the femoral epiphyseal plate spondylolisthesis in the treatment of growth hormone claudication should pay attention to the assessment. 6, avoid excessive use of drugs, an injection of excessive growth hormone can lead to hypoglycemia , followed by high blood sugar , long-term over-injection may lead to acromegaly symptoms and signs and other reactions related to excessive growth hormone. 7, injection site should often change to prevent fat atrophy. Pregnant women and lactating women medication: should not be used. Children medication: children for growth hormone in pharmacology and toxicology, pharmacokinetics and adults no significant difference, according to the weight of safe use. Elderly patients medication: the elderly for growth hormone in pharmacology and toxicology, pharmacokinetics and adults no significant difference, can be safe to use.